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Mundi Mundi (somewhere close to Silverton NSW Australia)



Mundi Mundi I: On the road to Silverton


On the road to Silverton, lest we forget

Mad Max, lest we forget

Tracey on her high horse, lest we forget


This land is meant for forgetting


Please note, it never remembered

It forgot before it remembered anything


Forget forget forget


Instant replays on the hills

French spoken in several different languages

A cold wind

The Day the Music Died courtesy of the ABC and the car radio


Ah, the long reach of the law


Mundi Mundi II: KC Dodds


KC Dodds, left by his mates

Footsteps in our hearts

KC Dodds, left by his mates

Footsteps on our hearts


(note: this text is modified from text on a plaque erected to the memory of KC Dodds by his mates)