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Project description

Sławek Janicki and John von Sturmer, Performance at Pearl Beach Community Hall 28.08.2009

The project aims to create forms of performance geared to innovation and the realities of rapid and exigent social change. It involves critical thought and critical practice. Responsive to the here and now, the ordinary, the everyday, it works with what is immediately to hand. It is interactive in its very nature. It is not reliant on large-scale institutional settings. It is makeshift, adaptive, immediate. It can take literally to the streets. Routinised it risks becoming dead.

We are at the first stages of a collaboration based on a performance at the Tin Sheds Gallery, University of Sydney (May 2009). There have been subsequent performances at Pearl Beach north of Sydney, the Friend in Hand Hotel, Glebe; and in Poland and Slovakia. The performers bring very different backgrounds to the extent that the project raises important questions about cultural difference and interdisciplinary relations (see performer profiles).

We intend to develop this collaboration through live events in a variety of contexts or performance situations involving different audiences, performers and themes (local and general), and over a 12-month period.

In order to develop our skill base we plan to conduct workshops (10 – 15 people; artists and general audience). These will address the key question of defining the act of performance and how and why performances work and do not work. This includes the issue of reception: how the audience reads and responds to the performance, and how it impacts on the performance dynamic.

We plan to research existing niches or enclaves of improvisational practice, in and around Sydney but also elsewhere (Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns). We are keen to exploit John von Sturmer’s long association of one of the collaborators with Far North Queensland.

We plan self-residencies at suitable locations around Australia in order to experiment with new media technologies under the guidance of skilled practitioners.

Our own ongoing conversations are important to us as an engine of ideas. This website will make results of the project publicly available.