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Sławek Janicki / performer profile

Slawek Janicki (Sydney/Pearl Beach/Bydgoszcz) - bass player, filmmaker, curator

He started his activities in the beginning of the 80s, playing in many bands that often had only one live performance.

Later, he became a member of Henryk Brodaty, a band that was well known in the independent circles. It performed mainly in community centres. In 1992, Slawek Janicki was collaborating in the creation of Trytony, the first in Bydgoszcz and one of the first independently operated art club in Poland. With that club, associated is a music trio called, “Trytony” that in 1992 released its first record “Tance Bydgoskie” (Bydgoszcz Dances).

In 1994, Slawek Janicki with Jacek Majewski opened the Factory of Sculptures Talking to Each Other, “Mózg” (The Brain), a club or venue that in 15 years of its operation became known around the world as a place that promotes contemporary art, especially contemporary music. In “Mózg”, Slawek Janicki collaborated in the formation of such bands as Mazoll&Arhythmic Perfection, Arhythmic Brain and Pieces of Brain that released unique records and performed in many European countries. He was working with many artists who over the time performed in “Mózg” such as Kazik Staszewski, Jon Dobie, Karoline Crabel, Wojciech Zamiara, Grzegorz Pleszynski and many others. In 1999, he started playing with Zdzislaw Piernik, a world famous tuba player. They performed in Poland, Netherlands, Germany and Hungary, and produced a film from a live performance in “Mózg” that was later broadcasted by TV Kultura, Poland.

In 2001, he visited Australia for the first time. There, he became a resident of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in Sydney and, with Grzegorz Pleszynski, produced a performance in which, outside its authors, played four bass players. After Sydney, Slawek Janicki moved to central Australia where he lived in an Aboriginal community where, commissioned by the local authorities, he created his first documentary film entitled, “The sound of a few places” (2003). Since then, he’s been sharing his time between Poland and Australia. He performed in festivals in Europe and, in January 2004 and 2005 in Sydney and Melbourne during the “Now, Now” Festival.

In 2004, he became head of the Artistic Association “MOZG” whose aim is to get to know the human being and his/her place in the world through the acts of creation of the artists from various cultural backgrounds and places.

In 2005, Slawek Janicki started cooperating with the first Polish culture TV channels, TVP Kultura and TVP3. To date, about 30 documentaries have been broadcasted, showing various artists during the act of creation and in their private lives. These programmes aim at understanding the reasons that lead to the commitment of the acts of creation.

Janicki currently lives in New South Wales, Australia and is still running “Mózg” as a place of performance,  as a head of  the “Mózg Association” and as an artistic director of the annual “Mozg Festival”.
Since January 2009 Janicki started work with John von Sturmer. They prepared a few shows, featuring video work, drawing and performance act.
Recently they set up Assocition for Contemporary Music and Performance Inc.
The Association aims to promote contemporary music and performance in conjunction with but not limited to visual arts, theatre, literature and film.
At 2010 Slawek Janicki & John von Sturmer received a grant from Australia Council for the Arts - Developing excellence in cross-disciplinary arts-towards a definition of performance.


Trytony, “Tance Bydgoskie”,
Trytony, “Zarys Matematyki niewinnej”
Mazzol&Arhythmic Perfection, “a”,
Mazzol&Arhythmic Perfection, “out out to lunch”,
Mazzol&Arhythmic Perfection, “rozmowy scatem”,
Pieces of Brain, “Crash the car daddy”,
Pieces of Brain, “Arhythmic is visible music”,
Arhythmic Brain, “from the beginning to the end”.


I. KAWAŁKI MÓZGU (Pieces of Brain):

  1. Zdzisław Piernik, Bogusław Scaeffer, Wojciech Zamiara (48:15) - documantary
  2. Tomasz Pawlicki, Tomasz Glazik, Helmt Nadolski (44:49) - documantary
  3. Gendos, Mazzoll, Krzysztof Gruse (54:28) - documentary
  4. Rafał Gorzycki, Grzegorz Pleszyński, Jojo Mayer (49:14) - documantary
  5. Clayton Thomas, Jon Rose (44:55) - documentary
  6. Fred Frith, Joey Baron (47:24) - documentary
  7. Billy Bang & William Parker - concert
  8. Audrey Chen - concert
  9. Exatsy Project - concert
  10. Kris Wanders Quartet - concert
  11. Clayton Thoms Trio - concert
  12. Tomasz Glazik & Jacek Buhl - concert
  13. Elliott Sharp & Hamid Drake - concert
  14. Kwartet Pomorski - concert
  15. Ellery Eskelin/Andrea Parkins/Jim Back - concert
  16. Paolo Angeli & Takumy Fukushima - concert
  17. Peter Brotzmann/Jon Dobie/Mazzoll/Shoji Hano – concert
  18. Zdzisław Piernik & Sławek Janicki - concert

II. NOTES KULTURALNY (Culture Notebook)

  1. Steve Buchanan, Andrzej Prokopiuk, Seve Swell Quartet
  2. Max Tundra, Wojciech Kowalczyk, „Mama Africa“
  3. Cosmosamatics, Jacek Majewski
  4. Stanisław Stasiulewicz, „The Hub“
  5. „The Jolly-Boat Piretes“, „Contemporary Noise Quientet“
  6. Grzegorz Pleszyński, „Strange Attrectors“
  7. Paweł Konjo Konnak, Tymon Tymański
  8. Charlotte Hug, Frederic Blondy, Arnaud Riviere
  9. „U4“, Mikołaj Trzaska Trio
  10. Andrzej Przybielski, Dorota Podlaska
  11. Franziska Baumann, Mathias Ziegler
  12. Klub Polskich Nieudaczników
  13. Ryuzo Fukuhara
  14. Jon Dobie, Miroslav Wanek
  15. Wioska